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Kiteboarding Lessons at Hood River

Gorge Kiteboarding School

The 2014 Kiteboard Season, April 15th - November 1st
Plan ahead, make your Hood River kiteboarding reservation now.

At Gorge Kiteboard School I tailor each kiteboarding lesson to you, focusing on the skills and techniques you need. Using my 14 years of experience teaching kiteboarding in Hood River, I will carefully develop a program custom-designed to utilize the skills and experience you bring to the sport. As you progress I will refine your lesson program to match your needs and accomplish your goals. I will give you the skills to kiteboard with confidence.

Your safety is my number one priority both during your kiteboard lessons in Hood River and after you are on your own. I will give you a strong foundation in kite flying skills which will allow you to generate more power in light wind and maintain control in sudden gusts. To keep you out of danger you will learn safe rigging, launching and riding practices as well as how to rescue yourself if the wind stops.

I work with kiteboarders of all levels from first time flyers, to those learning to make advanced transitions and big jumps. I can design a custom program for you. Every week I help students who have transferred from other schools and I often work with students who have kiteboarded in light wind locations but want to learn to deal with the stronger winds of Hood River and the other parts of The Gorge.

Availability and Reservations

Teaching kiteboard lessons at Hood River since 1999

Teaching kiteboard lessons at Hood River since 1999

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